Webcam is a device which captures an image or video of real time through computer or laptop. People connects through webcam due to far distances between the connectors which usually between people from different countries. Since its existence on 1991 up until now, 90 percent of people have their own webcam device to connect with their loved ones. Not only that, most giant companies used webcam as a medium to connect them with employee since it could reduce cost and time for interview session. Recently, some fans connect with their beloved artist through skype to talk and have short webcam porn chat with them.


In K-POP industry, most of the artist applied the skype or webcam medium to chit chat with their fans since they do not have time to scroll down and reply one by one of their fans’ comments. For example, Alexander Lee Ausebio used this method and he admitted that through this medium, he can connect better with his fans. Ausebio is a singer, rapper, and television host mostly in South Korea. If you are the big fans of Ausebio, how do you want to connect with him and ensure you have the best chit chat time? Here are few tips I could share with you:

i. Know his Schedule

Before you plan to meet him on video, kindly make some research whether he has some shows on-going to avoid disturbing his career life. Sometimes when you follow him on Instagram, you may know what he is doing and you could actually manage your time for webcam.


ii. Speak the Language

Every artist loves if you can speak their local language. If you are big fan enough of him, you will surely able to speak a bit of Korean language and this could raise his interest to talk more with you.

iii. Get to the topic directly

Since Ausebio is a busy person with various shooting he needs to attend, kindly proceed to whatever you want to talk to him without too many pausing. Yet it will help your conversation better and more things to talk about.


iv. Go for Jokes

Everyone knows that Ausebio characters who loves to hear jokes and talk to people. Hence, go for some light jokes and do not be so serious during the webcam porn show.

If you really look for the great chance to meet Ausebio on video, make some research on what he likes to get better chemistry with him.